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Sunset Love among the Moxi Museum, Santa Barbara Wedding | Allison & Viet and Max

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This is long over due, but it's been on my list of things to cover! But WOW, let me recap, this was an amazing (long) weekend (it was Labor Day weekend 2019)! Usually this weekend every year is full of weddings and this was definitely one for the books. Planning for these two was an amazing time, it helps that the bride was one of my closest besties from college (shout out to Kaba Modern UCI college days!) The whole bridal party stayed at the The Cottages at Polo Run in Carpinteria, just about 20 minutes away from Moxi Museum, it was a perfect Airbnb that would hold a huge bridal party. A perfect getting ready house for a big event like theirs!

We put together a dream vendor team and definitely had the best time because it was a very special, unique, and FUN wedding at the coolest museum in Santa Barbara. If you are ever in this area and into fun places (especially for kids), we would be here every weekend! Can we mention how much fun we have planning weddings for couple's with dogs? It's the best thing when we can bring in their baby (pup or dog) and bring them part of the ceremony, Max was the goodest boy you will ever meet and we are so happy we spent the whole weekend with him! We even had special sugar dessert cookies made with Max's face painted on them! With that, we also had sugar cookies made with their favorite basketball sports team logos (Chicago Bulls & Golden State Warriors).

The wedding ceremony & reception was held on the roof top of Moxi Museum and it was probably one of the warmest days that month, but it was thee most beautiful view of the city and the surrounding areas. A & V's guests were able to enjoy the goodness of all the museum activities and stations during cocktail hour and throughout the whole reception as they pleased! The best part of the ceremony? When the groom cries!!! Ah, our hearts melt and so does the whole audience.

More about the details, the wedding color scheme was inspired by the sunset colors, we called it #sunsetthemewedding all weekend, and oh how PERFECTLY fitting it was! The bridesmaids wore lavender purple dresses (Allison's fave color) made by Fame & Partners, the maid of honors in a peachy color, and her officiant in a light blueish dress. You will see in photos below the ombre effect the dresses made to mimic pretty sunset colors. Along with the sugar cookies of their favorite things, Allison's most favorite animal (giraffe) was made into a stunning ice sculpture alcohol luge! Can you believe it?! It was a total hit!

Guests would wait for their turn to shot luge from the giraffe's neck until it melted away! The timeline was jam packed, from untraditional wedding vows, to traditional touch of the Filipino cord & tie & veil routine, bridal party intros, to dinner & dance, to traditional Vietnamese table visits, and a traditional Kaba Modern dance performance at the end of the night before we headed inside the museum, we were able to run through the whole bit with a team of 5! We did it and shout out to our lead captain of the day for killing it! After 10pm, we moved the reception from the rooftop to the 1st floor because of noise ordinance curfew. Our coordination team celebrated and finished the whole gig with 30 minutes to spare before our strikeout time. We did it!

If you enjoyed this, and are interested in learning more about our a full service wedding planning package and how to plan your super fun and unique wedding, we offer this special service all over SoCal. With all the moving parts and pieces of your wedding, you want to make sure each detail is well executed and you have enough time to plan ahead. We definitely had at least ONE YEAR to make all this happen, so start looking now if that is your timeframe! Ideally one year from now, this whole coronavirus pandemic is over, we have a vaccine and we don't have to worry too much about spreading germs! Make sure to hire the right team for you! We'd love to join you if you are ready to have a fun and enjoyable wedding day!

The Vendor Team:

Planner: LVLF Events formerly known as (chiellabrate_events) but you can find us on on IG

Photo/video: IG: @justinelement @cinecosu

Hair/MUA: IG: @hikarimurakami

Catering: DJ Catering

Flowers: IG: @grassrootssb

Venue: IG: Moxi Museum @moxisb

🦒 Ice Sculpture: @laiceart

DJ: IG: @dj_etunes

Performance: IG: @clarizcel@apriljoy_@kmlegacy (full vid below)

You can also find more A & V's photos from Justin Element's Blog Page:

Love & Life,

Chiell Ann

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