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Timeless Love and Vintage Charm: S&V's Wedding at The Ebell, Long Beach

We are thrilled to share the stunning wedding of Skylar and Vivian, held at the historic Ebell in Long Beach. This venue, once one of three Southern California women's clubs built in the 1920s, provided a timeless and elegant backdrop for their special day.

The Wedding Day

Skylar and Vivian’s wedding was a perfect blend of love, beauty, and joy, set against the magnificent backdrop of The Ebell. As one of our full service clients, every detail was thoughtfully planned to reflect their personalities and love story.

For couples seeking a venue that combines historical charm with modern elegance, The Ebell in Long Beach is an ideal choice. Its unique architectural features, stunning decor, and versatile spaces make it perfect for creating unforgettable memories.

The Pretty Details, Before the Guests Arrive

Before the craziness of their wedding day began, Skylar and Vivian took a moment to savor the quiet anticipation and capture the essence of their love through intimate details and stunning portraits. Their first look was a beautiful moment, filled with emotion and excitement as they saw each other for the first time that day. These moments, filled with laughter, tender gazes, and breathtaking scenery, set the stage for an unforgettable celebration that would soon unfold with their loved ones by their side.

Tea Ceremony

The couple began their wedding day with a traditional tea ceremony, honoring Vivian's heritage and uniting their families. They served tea to their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other esteemed elders, receiving well wishes and gifts in return. This beautiful ritual symbolized the official welcoming of Skylar and Vivian into each other's families, marking the beginning of their shared journey with love and unity.

Elegant Bliss at Ceremony & Reception

Their wedding at The Ebell in Long Beach was a vision of timeless elegance. S&V adored the venue as it was, but collaborated with the talented florists from J Flowers to create floral arrangements featuring vibrant shades of orange.

McLovin' It!: A Late Night Treat

As the evening continued with lively dancing and heartfelt moments, guests were delighted by a surprise delivery of McDonald's french fries and chicken nuggets. This unconventional choice illustrated their commitment to making every moment of their special day uniquely theirs.

Center Stage: The First of Many Dances Together

The newlyweds were surrounded by love as their guests gathered around for their first dance. The energetic atmosphere continued throughout the night, from the lively dinner to the packed dance floor. Vivian, our radiant bride, stole the spotlight in a stunning short silver sparkle fringe dress, glowing with happiness throughout the entire evening.

Skylar and Vivian's wedding at The Ebell in Long Beach was a perfect blend of elegance, tradition, and personal touches. From their heartfelt tea ceremony to the lively dance floor and unexpected late-night McDonald's treat, every detail reflected their joy and shared love. Surrounded by the venue's historic charm, their celebration was a beautiful start to their new journey together, filled with cherished moments and unforgettable memories shared with family and friends.

With Love & Life,


Vendor Dream Team:

Planning & Coordination: Love & Life Events

Florals: J Flower Shop

Photography: Nicole Leever

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