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The first 5 things to do when you get engaged!

We are SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! CONGRATULATIONS on the NEW Bling!! How does it feel? I bet you are overjoyed with love and giggles all around, we are so happy for you!

Now no rush to do anything, really! Take this new 'fiance' stage as long as you like, because in reality, its typically a short period before you become a new WIFE!

So first step:

1. Breathe, enjoy this moment and just let the new ring settle in!

Once you are ready to start planning and get down to the nitty gritty, then move on to the next thing...

2. Decide a timeframe and overall budget

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall? What kind of weather vibes are you hoping for? The timeframe and season makes all the difference when it comes to what kind of dresses and activities you will plan. The overall total budget is also a biggie! Once you and your partner have decided what that lucky number is, things will slowly start falling into place.

3. Guesstimate your guest count

As of lately, small and intimate weddings are TOTALLY IN! It might be until mid-2021 once the pandemic has faded out we can have large events again. If you are planning way ahead of your time, I would say it will be safer to plan a larger wedding of 100 or more until Summer 2021, just in my opinion!

4. Desired venue location

What kind of venue are you envisioning? Outdoor backyard vineyard? Or indoor intimate settings? Start looking through Pinterest and thinking about the kinds of venues you'd be happy to celebrate in!

This is where the fun begins! Once you start talking to vendors and potential dream team members, you will start envisioning your big day come to life. Make sure to talk to the first major vendors (Photographer, Planner, Venue), these vendors will probably make your big day run the smoothest as along as they are all on the same page.

We are here to help! Schedule a FREE Consultation with us today and we'd love to start planning your memorable day!

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